An opportunity to get you back on track with your fitness journey! If you need a fresh start, a push, guidance, help or just a place to start for the first time then this is a great starting point. We are all about results!

Is this programme for me?

This programme is for:

  • People who need a challenge and want to kick start something with a results driven programme.
  • People who are looking in the mirror and seeing a shadow of their former selves.
  • People who like to be pushed but also like the camaraderie of group training.
  • People who want to train with no-egos.
  • People who want results but have need the accountability to achieve them.
  • People that want to find a fitness regime that works around their lifestyle.
  • People that want nutrition advice and ongoing support.

What do I get with this programme?

  • A proven programme with proven results.
  • 3 x Transformation:Project sessions – 40 minute long sessions that are based on the main studio floor.
  • We set a maximum of 30 per group, so that we can focus on form, technique and pushing you to your limits.
  • 1 x 40 minute Fit Project bootcamp session.
  • 5 flexi-sessions (Fit Project) to use incase you can’t make the above times for your groups.
  • Access to our nutritious 7 day healthy eating plan with guidance and support.
  • Weekly weigh ins with individual feedback.
  • Before and after photos to showcase your amazing results.
  • Ongoing support from your Transformation:Project gurus.


Sound like the perfect place for you? Well, the next step, let’s get you through that front door and come and take a look at our facility and enjoy a coffee on us as we take you on a short tour of the studio. Simply click the link below to book a consultation.

What are you waiting for?

I just love everything about it, each and every class is so different. The trainers are amazing and really help you if you’re struggling and push you to keep going, the other members are just so friendly and welcoming definitely recommend this gym, best decision I ever made was sign up!