I am a first timer, I won’t manage it

Hold on…We aren’t training you for the SAS! We do train you hard, but we make sure that the exercise is adaptable to you. There will be clients in the room with lower back pain, knee pain plus other niggles but we have top quality coaches on hand to change exercises around for those individuals. We have clients that may find an exercise too tough, so again we simplify and still make it equally as challenging. You are all in the same boat and that’s why we love group training. You start the session with a smile on your face and finish the sessions feeling amazing and so glad you completed it. If you’re new, the Project:U clients and staff will make you feel welcome, remember all clients had to do their first session at some point, so they are also there to support you too.

There is no age limit.
There are no excuses to miss out.
There is no one judging.
There is plenty of red faces (who cares?… we don’t).
There is plenty of encouragement.
There are plenty of laughs.
There is a lot of hard work and commitment.
There is a community like no other.

You CAN do it! We can help you in your Project today!