The Fit Project is a programme for clients that enjoy training in a group environment and want to see RESULTS. With a fully flexible timetable, the classes are always fun and energetic. We hold sessions from 5.45am till 8.30pm Monday to Friday and 7am till 12 noon on Saturday. As well as training, you will receive food plans, nutrition guides and the support from fully committed coaches.

Is this programme for me?

This programme is for:

  • Males and females who want to be involved in a fantastic family atmosphere.
  • People who struggle to see results from gyms and other fitness fads.
  • People who like to be pushed but also like the camaraderie of group training.
  • People who want different workouts every time.
  • People who want to train with like minded people.
  • People who want results but need the accountability to achieve them.
  • People who want to find a fitness regime that works around their lifestyle.
  • People who want nutritional advice and ongoing support.

What do I get with this programme?

  • Access to our nutritious healthy eating plans.
  • Detailed 7-day food plans tailored to getting you results.
  • Weekly weigh ins, monthly measurements and body fat analysis.
  • Ongoing support from your mentors.
  • Client appreciation days.
  • Access to a private online support forum.
  • 45-minute power packed fun sessions with a fully flexible timetable.
  • Being a part of a unique fitness studio with no egos.


Sound like the perfect place for you? Well, the next step, let’s get you through that front door and come and take a look at our facility and enjoy a coffee on us as we take you on a short tour of the studio. Simply click the link below to book a consultation.

What are you waiting for?

“I just love Project:U Fitness because the atmosphere is always upbeat and full of happy vibes from the minute you walk in to the minute you leave. Even after I’ve left a training session I’m still buzzing as I go home and tell my son about all the exercises I’ve done. Another reason why I would recommend Project:U Fitness are the staff and trainers. Each and everyone take the time to say hi and have a chat and I just love it when we see the trainers joining in with a session. My only advice is go along to the studio and have a look for yourself, I did and now I’m loving every minute of it.”

Great place. Great atmosphere.
Great trainers encourage you every step of the way. Whatever you are there for, to lose weight or just get fit everyone is so friendly and encouraging it just like one happy family. Best decision I have made!

“Project U is incredible! Such a friendly, energetic & fun atmosphere! Motivation & inspiration oozes from the heart of the gym. I personally was worried when I joined that I wouldn’t be able to do the exercises and people might be wondering why the hell I was there but not once have I felt judged or scrutinised, only encouraged and being pushed to my limits in the best way! The feeling you get when walking out the gym is unbelievable, such a natural high! Not sure if it’s the workout or the laughter that gives you it but my god it’s worth it. We truly are one team & one family. Anyone who has doubts will soon lose them the minute you walk through the door and are greeted by genuinely the nicest people you will meet.”