Project:U Coaches

Statement from Andrew Sims:

“I am delighted to bring my style and character back to Northumberland and really help impact clients lives. Fitness is my passion and I often hear a lot of people say that but I live and breathe fitness. I care so much about my clients, I want my clients to achieve great results, I have a repuatation for achieving incredible results on and off the scales.

When clients describe my training, they often say I am a little box of tricks but I just want to bring my energy to the clients. At the end of the day, clients come to me before or after work and the last thing they want is a boring session. Clients want energy, they want fun and also they want to enjoy exercise so they look forward to it.

My friends and family know this but I take my work home with me.
I have me time but my passion is to help more and more people realise what they can achieve. People have that extra 20% effort in them, and it is my job to unearth it. I love supporting clients but most of all, I love creating a family atmosphere. I go into my gym and feel slightly intimidated so I know how you guys/girls feel. I wanted to create a gym where egos are left at the door and we all “sweat, smile and enjoy ourselves”.